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Jowyh Shortfilmfestival

This Shortfilm festival is brand new from 2023. So this page will be updated soon!

This is a shortfilmfestival orginized by shortfilm makers themself for the people who love shortfilms.


The Jowyh Shortfilm Festival is a new and exciting event dedicated to promoting and raising awareness of international short films in all their forms. We are committed to celebrating filmmakers who push boundaries and challenge the traditional norms of filmmaking.
Our esteemed jury is searching for projects that are made with passion, obsession, and drive; films that exceed expectations. Our team members are all shortfilm makers with many selections themself. We are dedicated to helping filmmakers get their projects seen by audiences and distributors not only in Belgium but throughout Europe.

Our festival features talented and special guests from the film industry. We welcome all forms of fictional filmmaking, including mainstream and non-mainstream. We showcase a diverse range of genres and styles and are committed to being inclusive, but we will only accept fictional short movies (live action and animation, but no documentaries or music videos). We are looking for films that represent the different facets of filmmaking, from polished productions to no-budget gems.

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