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Joachim Huveneers

Audiovisual productions

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As a child, I was obsessed with film. After completing my studies in audiovisual technique (bachelor's degree) and audiovisual arts, scenario and film (master's degree), I gained a diverse range of experience in the audiovisual field. My work has included operating a camera for various projects such as promos, aftermovies, short films, music videos and multicam shoots, editing, working as an assistant floor manager and set assistant, and directing. Now, I am looking to branch out on my own and establish myself as a professional in the field, while maintaining a commitment to producing high-quality work.

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Recent work:


The last day.

  • Starring:
    Maritsa Van Iterson
    Lukas Buys
    Samantha Fadahunsi

Release: januari 2023


I Give to you

  • Starring:
    Maritsa Van Iterson


Release: August 2023


Sor, a survivor in a post-pandemic world, hides in an abandoned building. Facing her own death, a mysterious stranger offers her redemption and a glimmer of hope.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Paris Film Awards - I give to you.png
Scherm­afbeelding 2023-07-24 om 20.33.49.png

I Give to You is a short film about Marie's journey of self-acceptance and healing, as she confronts her inner demons and embraces the transformative power of self-love.

Anker 1


  • Production      Film, commercial, Wedding

  • Camera:          Film, documentary, multicam,                                          commercial

  • Photography:  Portrait, family, Wedding.

  • Editing:             Film, commercial, television


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